The ColdWave- Simple and Delicious Iced Coffee

It is the top of July, which normally means the temperatures are hovering. It’s muggy. It’s gross. It is nevertheless, the right climate for having fun with a refreshingly chilly iced espresso.

In the previous, I’ve talked about chilly brew, Japanese iced espresso, Kyoto drip espresso, and iced Aeropress shake ups. I’ve even talked about espresso chilly brewed with a vacuum cleaner. Today I need to focus on a brand new product that was despatched to me for evaluate. The ColdWave by Ice Cold Now.

I usually don’t comply with do sponsored posts until I’m fairly gungho in regards to the product. When a consultant from Ice Cold Now acquired in contact and requested if I wish to do I evaluate, I went over to their web site and checked it out. I used to be excited in regards to the idea and determined to test it out.

What is the ColdWave?

The ColdWave is a beverage chiller. It can take a cup of scorching espresso and chill it down to close freezing temperatures in about two minutes. It consists of a squarish (baseball diamondish) formed pitcher about 5 inches by 5 inches and 6 inches excessive. There can also be the cooling mechanism an insert that matches snuggly into the pitcher.

The ColdWave is made out of BPA free plastic and purified water. The insert shops in your freezer so it would all the time be prepared for deployment at a moments discover.

The Problem With Iced Coffee

When I need an iced espresso,  I usually go for the Japanese flash brew methodology. It makes a fantastic cup of espresso and you don’t want any additional gear (besides one thing that makes ice I suppose). The downside with the Japanese iced espresso methodology is it modifications your brewing recipe considerably. You are taking out one third (even one half in some recipes) of the water and changing it with ice. This means it’s important to add additional agitation to be sure to extract the identical quantity of solubles from the espresso.

I like the Japanese flash brew methodology however it may be somewhat inconsistent particularly in case you don’t brew with it fairly often.

The higher strategy to make an iced espresso is to make a cup of espresso your standard method, the way in which you’re most comfy with and then flash chill it to close freezing temperatures with out diluting the espresso.

There are a couple of different gadgets in the marketplace that may do that: the Hyperchiller which has a smaller capability and the Coil which was operating round 260 bucks (and is now not being manufactured it appears).

There can also be a technique I heard about on the I Brew My Own Coffee podcast. Fill up a mason jar (with a lid after all) and submerge it in a bucket of ice water to flash chill it. I’ve by no means tried this methodology however I really feel like that may be a tad extra effort than I’m trying to spend when I’ve a hankering for an iced espresso.

The Cold Wave Solution

Enter the ColdWave.

It is comparatively cheap at 40 , it could possibly quiet down two 16 fluid ounce batches of piping scorching espresso earlier than needing to be refrozen and you possibly can brew your espresso together with your favourite recipe, chilling the espresso almost immediately afterwards.

One of my favourite issues I’ve performed with the Cold Wave is to relax solely half of the espresso I’ve brewed and tasted the 2 drinks side-by-side. Heck, I’ve even taken my espresso after I was midway performed with it and cooled it off with the ColdWave, thrown in somewhat ice and headed off on an errand.

ColdWave clear up is fairly easy. Rinse the insert with water and let the water drain off for a minute or two. The pitcher could be washed with cleaning soap and water and is even dishwasher protected. Put the insert again within the freezer to attend for subsequent time. This clear up course of could also be somewhat trickier if you’ll strive and chill a bottle of wine or one thing syrupy and sticky (it chills extra than simply espresso).

Quite frankly, I’m fairly geeked in regards to the ColdWave.

It is straightforward however efficient. It makes a cup of iced espresso as nice as your time perfected, handbook brewing recipes. You actually can’t beat the truth that you possibly can chill down espresso brewed  together with your regular recipes, that’s enormous. If you drink lots of iced espresso and particularly in case you into flash chilling, the ColdWave is properly value trying out.


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